Mary Robbins and Commish present 2016 Robbins Award (Playoff MVP) to Mickey Rivers Jr.

First champs, the origfinal 1994 Tap-A-Keg team (now Abbey). Note both Pete's with eponymous awards (Libman far left and Robbins back 3rd from right).

And disturbingly enough, there are 2 players in this picture who are still in the league. Can you spot them? Hint: one is still very good (and still playing for this team in its Abbey iteration) and the other is an unrecognizable, disgusting, maggot riddled shell of the man seen here.

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Sue Kostner and League Founder Joe McCallion with the permanent Pete Libman Award

Mary Robbins presents 2017 Robbins (Playoff MVP) trophy to co-winners Olga Walker, Skippy Vega Paula Santiago and Esther Suh

Kaschieu Galizio-Gerber


Heroic Lone Test Subject

Thanks to his bravery (and his Daddy's lack of $25k) countless Chihuahuas need no longer have to suffer regular brain seizures due to excessive skull fluid production. Rest in peace, little guy.

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2015 Libman Cup Winner Yitz Lieberman with Commisioner and Sue Kostner

Matt Greenspan accepts 2016 Libman Cup on behalf of It's Mercy Time's Erica Curtis, flanked by Da Commish and Sue Kostner.

2015/16/17/18 Champion Samurai Hammers- (note:2018 Robbins winners John Rodriguez and Dave Shargani kneeling and Libman winner Anthony Torres, Sr. with cup)