2022 Season

2021 Season


--For playoffs, see rules on entry sheet.

-Most Wins WEEKLY wins that week's pool. NO point spreads and NO vig, but Administrator may take a free weekly play if there are 10 or more players (waived to date). Waived for 2022. To be revisited in 2023

-Total Points are on Monday night game(s) and are for tie-breaking purposes only. Players who tie in wins and lose on points get their entry back, reg. season ONLY, NO consolation for playoffs. 

 Closest to total points (over OR under) wins. [Week 17 total-points-game listed on week 17 sheet. Always check bottom of sheet to see if there are TWO games involved in the TOTAL POINTS.]

-Check WELL BEFORE Sunday games start (SATURDAY if there are any Saturday games that week) to make sure your picks were transferred correctly. We save the original sheets. Contact me ASAP for any problems. Original (and almost always correct) grid goes up night before most games, but in case of errors (see above) the FINAL, CORRECT GRID SHOULD BE UP BY 1pm SUNDAY. SEE NEW UPDATE RULES ON SHEETS STARTING  2021.

-Picks due by 6pm on day of first game post-Monday (usually Thursday). On Thanksgiving and Week 16 and/or 17/18check here or entry sheet for adjusted dates/times.

-Note:Grid is not always posted by start of first game, but admin's (Joe's) pick is usually listed prior to start time. If not, it is recorded via text to several players to ensure honesty. Forwarded texts available upon request. You USUALLY**have until Saturday (Friday if Saturday games are scheduled) at 6pm to change your Sunday/Monday picks. No changes after that (other than a mistake in transferring).

**-Admin reserves the right to have a life, so don't wait until the last minute!